Blogging Revisited

Open Networked Learning is an open online course about open online teaching and learning. – Participation in this course gives me the opportunity to restart a few things in life – like blogging.

I first heard about blogging twenty years ago, when the word and the concept were still new. People then had to explain that a personal web logbook was the basic idea of it. Though I have started more than one blog, or at least participated in university blogs, my blogging has never achieved a continuous flow and my blog posts are scattered over time and the internet without any red thread to recover things.

Twenty years ago, I was working as developer and coordinator for a one-year Web Publishing course program at EB Zürich. These were times for many people to change professional directions and it was possible to step into online publishing and programming with a quite different background in education. We had photographers, lithographers, typographers, graphic designers, journalists, university dropouts, programmers, gardeners, and many more as our students. At the time, EB Zürich was a public institution of “Kanton Zürich”, one of the Swiss federal states, with ample freedom for development of courses and innovations – the ample freedom part of it has changed a lot since.

Some friends and colleagues had started a Mobile Blog Service. A combination of the first mobile phones with integrated camera and a blogging software, that allowed to publish photos and commentary directly over the mobile phone network. I didn’t have the kind of mobile phone, that was required. I tried to blog by browser without the “mobile” element, and already then, my contributions turned out to be scattered over time and subjects.

I have probably too many different interests. I even have as book about the Scanner-Type: Refuse to Choose. Of course, it is also hard to write sentences and let them stand there for all times – at least for me. This might well be part of the same personality trait.

So, for the next few weeks, I am set to do this more regularly than ever. Let’s see what I will learn from the experience.


Picture by Elena Di Capita: via Elio, thank you.

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  1. Lars Harrysson says: Reply

    Well then we are invited to see some of your reflections in one place for a few weeks. 🙂

  2. One can weave or knit a net or basket from more than one thread on various spools in all colors and sizes, and just add some stitches here and there now and then.

    If one could find and collect all of your posts old and new (I mean, automatically, that would be one project in itself, wouldn’t it?)—they sure would form a net holding ideas and dreams with lots of room for new ones. Not like puzzle pieces that have to fall in a predefined shape, but material to be crocheted and stretched into a solid sail.

    Good luck with blogging again 🙂

  3. Here’s to your new season of blogging 🙂 who knows you may continue on after ONL211 finishes….

  4. This post shows both a new beginning and an awareness of where you and the technology tool, blogging, you are using have both been. I look forward to your thoughts on ONL and education in your forthcoming series of posts.

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