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Solution focused evaluation | part I

by korn.ch: solution focus and lernenzwei.ch: e-version. English Svea von der Hoorn

Self evaluation of personal learning outcome aiming at securing and extending your achievements.
  1. Catch your success.
    Discover your resources, do not delve into your deficiencies.
  2. Watch your performance.
    Reflect on your observable practice, not on opinions, beliefs or values.
  3. Be aware and make use of change.
    Invest in the changes for the better, not in the gap between actual and target.
  4. Use simple language.
    Use simple everyday language, not complicated, abstract or bragging words.
  5. Consider every situation as special.
    Be open-minded and curious, let yourself be positively surprised every time anew.
Choose up to three «things» (competences, fields of experience...) as personal criteria for evaluating this learning opportunity.

Please choose criteria that are observable and linked with your learning outcomes, something concrete that you will notice when it shows up, this will let you compare achievements with hoped for outcomes. (Learning a language, you might choose: «fluency in everyday conversations», learning typewriting, you might choose: «speed».)

Criterion 1:

Criterion 2:

Criterion 3:

More about solution focused work: www.solworld.org