Resources and Deficits

«You have to cook with the cheese, not with the holes.» This is undoubtedly a prime principle of resource-oriented didactics. Swiss teacher J. Jegge proposed the phrase for pedagogy, and he was advocating resource-oriented teaching for decades. Yet how do we manage to get to the point where we are happy about the cheese and […]

Blogging Revisited

Open Networked Learning is an open online course about open online teaching and learning. – Participation in this course gives me the opportunity to restart a few things in life – like blogging. I first heard about blogging twenty years ago, when the word and the concept were still new. People then had to explain […]

Sine of Learning

Learning acceleration is the order of the day. 😉 When would it not have been? Today, the fastest connections and the speediest professors are available online at any time for this dream. I wonder, however, whether such a dreamed-of linear acceleration of learning is feasible. I’m doing a test run and try a fresh boost […]