Strange Crochet – Our PBL Group

Strange crochet, our PBL Group 10, reminds me of the many complex paths lifelong learning can take – I know an artist group working since 2004 every month on a crochet object: It is a lifelong art project by Regula Michell and Meret Wandeler, and it tells us about how much time good art requires, this strange crochet.


PS: Many years ago I participated in this for two hours 🙂


PPS: Our FISh method for problem based learning can generate similar associations.

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  1. I swear, I didn’t know about the name of your group when making my earlier comment on crocheting or stitching together your various blog posts!!

    But I see, you could 🙂

    And it’s always handy to have a crochet hook with you, see here (film 13, first para, I do have the film but have to look for this snippet)


  2. Lars Harrysson says: Reply

    The link to the art project is great. I think it is important for the learning process to try to move it between contexts to see how it turns out. The association of duration (time) as an aspect of learning is easy to pass by without much notice, except for that the time is too short or that I don’t have the time. Still our expectations of a project is usually tightly linked to a temporal aspect – future.
    How would you connect the life-long learning idea with being digitally literate? Does that have a temporal component?

  3. Yes, I really like the art-project, especially that it gives the senses by association and image-making….back to our online environment for how life in learning, learning in life in togetherness is an intricate art. Kerstin

  4. I love the way this short post highlights the coincidences and associations that we use to pattern our lives.

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